Saturday, September 5, 2009

Unique Baby Boutique is now live on Hyena Cart!

As if my life as a "CEO" of my home and raising my 16 month old twin boys was not enough for me...I have decided to be a wahm (work at home mom) as well! I recently discovered the joy of sewing while staying at my mother's in laws house. I already had lots of ideas and had planned to start making some items, but after using her machine for a week I was excited and ready to take off with my new hobby. Since entering the world of cloth diapering nearly 10 months ago, I have found a new love for all things fluffy! I have carried this into my new business and I am finding super soft, silky, minky, fluffy fabrics to make gifts for your little ones! I am starting out the store with hand made lovies and blankets and crocheted beanies and blankets. I am doing the sewing and my mom is doing the crocheting. We both have a lot of ideas and are only just getting started with the items currently in stock! We plan to offer items that cater to the modern, fashion-minded, earth friendly mamas! A lot of the items currently in stock are samples that we have used to find the materials, patterns, and styles we like best. In the future you can expect to find lots of lovies and blankets made from organic bamboo velour, beanies made from organic bamboo as well as organic cotton, and sooo many other super soft and super stylish materials! We will also work with custom orders so if you have a special request be sure to let us know. Also, if you have the materials and want us to make it for you...we can do that too!

Here is a sample of what you will find...

Green with Envy blanket and lovie set

Pink Plush lovie

Punk Priness lovie

Jail House Rock lovie

Electric ruffled beanie

Purple Frostings beanie

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