Tuesday, September 15, 2009

CRINKLIES are here!

So, the new product I have hinted about is stocked now! We are calling them crinklies and they are perfect for little ones exploring all of their senses! They are made with two different textures of material for sensory touch and hidden between the materials is a layer of "crinkle". Every baby loves to make noise. This involves the sense of hearing as well as cause and effect! In the corner of each crinklie there is a loop of ribbon that serves several purposes. Your baby can hold it or chew it and you can use the loop for hanging the crinklie from toys, car seats, etc. Your baby will also love the visual stimulation from the variety of different colors in each crinklie.

Also stocked this week are a variety of lovies for fall lovers and gender neutral baby gifts! Be sure to check them out and use your 20% discount before the end of the month at www.ubbshop.com!

Check out the store for even more new items!

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